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Many Olympic riders compete in European Championships - registered teams

Many Olympic riders compete in European Championships – registered teams

Peder (Fredrickson) is still doing well, and that alone promises good things, she continues.

During the Olympic broadcast of Discovery, Linda Head was an expert commentator, but she is also part of the B team for the national jump team. When DN reaches her, she has just come back from a trip in the mist of rain.

– I didn’t think the weather was enough reason to cancel. Linda Head says it can rain during competition, too.

– But now I’m sad, so I wonder if it’s a really good idea to go out, keep laughing.

golden monster after the The Swedish Olympic gold medalist in the jump had barely to settle before a new tournament was decided upon. On September 1-5, the European Jumping Championships will be decided in Risenbeck, Germany.

When all the teams are registered now, it is clear that many Olympic riders will start but only a few Olympic horses.

Of the Swedish Olympic gold team, Peder Fredricson is the only jockey to also compete in the European Championships.

There, however, he wouldn’t ride All In without Catch Me Not. Even with Catch Me Not, Fredrickson has shown Fredrickson the winner at this weekend’s major international competitions in London, where the crew won them in a prestigious category.

In the European Championships, Fredrickson gets Accompanied by Olympic reserve Rolf-Goran Bengtsson in Ermendo, Douglas Lindelo on Casco Blue and Angelica Augustsson Zanotelli in Kalinka van de Nachtegele. An experienced team in which all four have previously won medals in the tournament.

On the other hand, the UK chose to send a young and relatively inexperienced team. None of their Olympic jockeys have been selected, but four young jockeys get the chance. The oldest of them is William Whitaker, 31, complemented by Georgia Tammy, 23, Emily Moffett, 22, and Joe Stockdale, 21.

Ireland – which had a very rough time at the Olympics – also has a young team.

before the decision In the team jump In Tokyo, France was at the top. If their last contestant, Penelope Librevost, had been plump flawlessly, gold would have been theirs. However, Librevost and her horse Vancouver de Lanlor had a hard time and were disqualified. And so the medal opportunity vanished.

At the European Championships, Penelope Librevost will ride the Excalibur de la Tour Vidal. His teammate Matthew Bilot also gets to chase revenge in the European Championships, and he does so with the same horse Quel Filou he rode in Tokyo.

From the Belgian Olympic bronze team, riders Peter DeVos and Jerome Gehry are part of the European Championship team, but also off other horses.

Sweden won the team medal In three of the last four tournaments: the 2021 Olympic gold, the 2018 World Cup silver, and the 2017 European Championship silver.

“Some of the riders have shown the way, and that means that we who are a little lower also dare to believe it is possible,” says Linda Head.

Is it really noticeable that interest among horse owners and other sponsors has increased after the Olympic gold medal?

– Yes I think so. I’ve been asked how much it costs to buy an Olympic horse and what it takes to make the trip. These questions have never been asked before in my world.

The European Championship in Germany between 1-5 September is a team and individual competition.

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