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Many analysts expect marginal improvements for Getinge

Many analysts expect marginal improvements for Getinge

DNB Expects a stable margin improvement for Getinge during the first quarter supported by efficiency measures that are expected to fuel the valuation in the future.

When the epidemic recedes, DNB expects the field of surgical workflow to exceed consensus.

According to DNB, the second and third waves of covid-19 are expected to reduce the number of surgeries during the quarter as well as sales of disposable items related to these procedures. The continued rollout of vaccines globally is expected to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 in 2021 and give hospitals space to operate through operations that have been postponed.

DNB is also highlighting the currency as an expected headwind during the first quarter.

SEB It raised its revised operating profit estimate by 1 to 4 percent for the years 2021 to 2023. In this quarter, an increase in ventilation volumes is expected along with a strong development for ECMO, which is expected to have a positive mix effect.

Although Getinge, according to SEB, has the potential to exceed its forecast for 2021 entirely, the bank expects to leave projections unchanged in regards to the report.

DNB Raises its recommendation to Getinge to buy from hold. The target price has been revised down to 305 SEK from 225 previous SEK.

SEB Getinge’s target price raised to 280 SEK from previous 255 SEK with a buy recommendation kept.

When the stock exchange closed on Monday 12 April, Getinge’s last close was at 253.80 SEK.