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Manhattan Attorney General convenes a jury on Donald Trump

Manhattan Attorney General convenes a jury on Donald Trump

A Manhattan attorney has set up a jury to consider whether the evidence is sufficient to bring charges against Donald Trump, or other senior officials of his company or the company itself, according to reports. Washington Post. The jury will consider evidence presented in the investigation of the former president’s business dealings.

The move indicates that the attorney general is nearing the end, after an investigation that lasted more than two years, which was among other things about a long battle over whether the attorney general should be allowed to consider Trump’s comments. The newspaper also notes that the prosecutor believes he has found evidence of some kind of crime.

Manipulated payments, tax benefits, and appraisals

The investigation that County Attorney Cyrus R Vance conducted in Manhattan is large, according to the sources, and related to Trump’s business dealings before he became president. The jury will have to do this – it will meet three times a week for six months.

The investigation concerns, among other things, suspicious payments for the silencing of the women, valuations of property and property that may be suspected of tampering and possible attempts to seize tax benefits through illegal actions. The attorney general is also said to have investigated whether executives in the Trump administration were adequately paid.

Last week, Attorney General Letitia James announced that she had appointed two attorneys to join the Vance investigation, as her civil law investigation expanded to include a criminal investigation. She did not go into any details about why the investigation was expanding, but said that the civil law investigation is also continuing.

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