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Long, messy and entertaining about The Godfather

This is how good the mini-series “The Show” is

“the proposal”.

TV review The story of the creation of “The Godfather” was told in “The Show”. A series that has its drawbacks, but it also has great appeal.

Not impossible, but at least hard to resist.

Rating: 3 out of 5 plusRating: 3 out of 5 plus

the victim

Paramount +

A short series in ten parts

Written by Michael Tolkien, with ia Miles TellerMatthew Goode, Juno Temple, Dan Fogler, Patrick Gallo, Berne Gorman, Colin Hanks, Giovanni Ribisi, Justin Chambers, Anthony Ippolito.

biographical drama The Victim tells the story of “the best movie ever made”. This is the case Francis Ford Coppola The famous mafia masterpiece “The Godfather” from 1972.

Miles Teller Plays the main role as a producer Albert S Roddywho is undertaking a film-making project on Mario Puzos A relatively inexperienced book, the ten episodes of the miniseries, in fact, follow a very clear pattern:

Rudy and his gang of Coppola (Dan Vogler), Bozo (Patrick Gallo) and the hyper-efficient assistant/problem solver betty mccart (Juno Temple), faces a problem that needs to be resolved. And they solve it. But then a new problem arises. which they also solve. and so on.

Above them are those who are sometimes above them, and sometimes against them. Legendary/Infamous Producer, Paramount Executive and Roar Robert Evans (Matthew Good) , Businessman Charles Bluedoorn (Gorman burning), and Bluhdorn’s Barry Lapidus (Colin Hankswho thus plays one of the few fictional characters in the series).

And on the other side is the real-life mafia, who has opinions on how to portray it and how things should be done.

“Victim” is very long, very interesting in every detail of its story, and with a ruddy distinction. It is no exaggeration to say that this is a production with its head held high on its butt.

Chronologically, it’s pervasive, and above all, the Mafia track doesn’t marry at all with the most subtle, and partly comedy, workplace drama. And the Giovanni Ribisi Chief’s photo Joe Colombo Comics to the point that at first you think he’s joking with us.

At the same time, there is a lot of charm, funny curiosity and other things to appreciate here. It’s chaos. But you will be amused.

Goode is feasting like charismatic Evans, Anthony Ippolito On the point like a young man Al PacinoAs a powerful Hollywood tagline and nostalgic love letter to one of the greatest victories in movie history, The Show is hard to resist.

The Show will premiere at Paramount+ on April 29th.

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