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Lied in the Ganges, however, with covid

Lied in the Ganges, however, with covid

Many rural Indians choose to dispose of relatives who have died from COVID-19 in this way due to poverty, fear or religious reasons, according to correspondence read by Reuters.

A high-ranking official In Uttar Pradesh, he wrote in a letter to local authorities that many coronavirus victims had to be rescued from waterways in recent times, the first time authorities had stated that it was a pandemic related. The official urges his colleagues to prevent residents from dumping more bodies.

According to the message, the state government is ready to provide special support to poor families, so that they can cremate bodies or properly bury their relatives.

In recent days, Indian media reported how at least a hundred corpses were floating ashore on the banks of the River Ganges. According to some reports, there were a total of thousands in Uttar Pradesh and the neighboring state of Bihar. Many are believed to be victims of the pandemic, which is currently afflicting 240 million people in Uttar Pradesh severely.

Around 4,000 coronavirus-related deaths are reported in India every day, but it is estimated that the outlook is limited and the actual number is much higher.

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