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LG covers burns with the OLED warranty

LG covers burns with the OLED warranty

OLED display technology is seriously beginning to adopt formats that fit most desktop computers, with screens perfectly suited for both gaming and media. OLED screens are often praised for their short response time and great contrast between black and color, which comes from the fact that each individual pixel can be turned off. The downside to the technology is the risk of burns (eng. burn in), as static elements in particular can tire pixels and become permanently visible as brighter areas.

As one of the companies investing in displays with OLED technology, LG is now amending its warranty terms to also include burn-in. The warranty period is two years and applies to burns caused by the normal use of the desk. It is LG’s American division that makes the change after a long conversation with it Technology website The Vergeregarding the Ultragear 27GR95QE-B monitor test, wanted clarification regarding “burn-in as a result of improper use”.

Four months later, the display and display panel manufacturer changed the terms explicitly to cover burn-in that would occur if the device was used as a display. This is likely a sign that LG now believes in the many built-in protections that OLED-equipped devices have to avoid burn-in. On the other hand, setting the two-year limit is a sign of potential for improvement, as monitors can usually be used for much longer than that.

In conclusion, The Verge notes that manufacturers of displays using OLED or QD-OLED panels from LG and Samsung do not explicitly cover burn-in, although in practice this can happen and is assessed on a case-by-case basis. So LG’s move towards physical warranty is in the right direction and could be adopted by more companies and in more regions.

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Do you have an OLED screen on your desk? If so, have you had burn-in problems?