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Leak: This is the reason for the delay of Ipad OS 16

Leak: This is the reason for the delay of Ipad OS 16

Last week, leaker Mark Gurman stated via a Bloomberg post that Apple intends to delay the upcoming iPad OS launch from September to October, thus releasing iPad OS and iOS 16 at different times. In this case, it would be the first time in more than ten years that the two versions were not launched at the same time.

Gorman now provides more information regarding the events, addressing, among other things, two reasons Apple notified its engineers of the decision a month ago.

According to Gurman, one of the reasons is that it’s a move in Apple’s vision to make the iPad more of a laptop alternative. Therefore, it would make more sense to launch iOS simultaneously with Watch OS in September, as well as Ipad OS with Mac OS Ventura in October. It also fits better with the fact that both Ipad OS 16 and Mac OS Ventura will get a Stage Manager tool.

Just Stage Manager might be another part of the explanation according to Gurman. During most of its development, the stage manager experienced serious problems. Another reason or another for the delay may be that Ipad OS 16 is simply not in such a state that it can be launched.

However, the decision may cause problems for consumers who use both iPhone and iPad because different operating systems and the set of apps it uses work slightly differently depending on the operating system, which may cause a delay in use until the iPad operating system is released.

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Developers can run into bigger problems if they’re working with universal apps that have to run on both operating systems – if you run an iOS 16 app that can be jailbroken on Ipad OS 16, or doesn’t run until both operating systems are running.

Each of these details could have the effect that the desire to upgrade from iOS 15 to iOS 16 may be much less than it has been in many years, until both versions are released.