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Labor Leads to Great Victory |  SVT news

Labor Leads to Great Victory | SVT news

By 06:00 on Friday morning, Labor had achieved a majority and secured enough seats to form a government.

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The Labor Party has crossed the magic line – SVT's foreign correspondent asks about the announcement. Photo: SVT
UK Election 2024

  • Keir Starmer is the new Prime Minister of Great Britain.

    Keir Starmer cancels Rwanda programme

  • Keir Starmer, Prime Minister of Great Britain

    Keir Starmer is now Prime Minister of Great Britain: “Politics will be a force for good”

The result shows: Labor achieves majority

With 645 seats out of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, it was clear that Labor would get at least 411 seats.

With this, Labor is heading for a resounding victory and regaining power after 14 years in opposition.

According to the first poll, which is historically reliable, Labor looks set to win 410 of the 650 seats in the House of Commons, while the Tories will win just 131. This means Labor could gain an extra 209 seats over the 2019 election – and the Tories lose 241.

When the 645 seats in the Lok Sabha are apportioned, the apportionment will be like this;

  • Conservative Party, Tories: 119 seats
  • Labour: 411 seats
  • Liberal Democrats: 71 seats
  • Scottish Nationalist Party: 9 seats
  • Reform UK: 4 seats
  • Plate Cymru: 4 seats
  • Green Party: 4 seats

SVT's foreign correspondent: “First he will meet King Charles”

Anna-Maja Persson, SVT's foreign correspondent in London, describes Keir Starmer as the winner of the election.

– It is clear. Shortly after crossing the magical threshold of 326 seats, he gave a speech, saying that change begins now.

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Today is Keir Starmer's first day as Britain's new Prime Minister. Already during the day, a new government or at least part of it will be appointed.

– First, he will meet King Charles. There he will be asked if he is ready to form a government.

He will then move to 10 Downing Street where, as is tradition, he will deliver a speech.

Here You can watch SVT's full coverage of the election in Great Britain.