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Klarna customers can see each other's information

Klarna customers can see each other’s information

The Klarna Payment Service app was experiencing technical issues. According to Aftonbladet’s information, users should be able to see the names, addresses, and purchases of other customers upon logging in. Portions, but not all, of bank account numbers must also be visible.

– I’ll check it out and come back as soon as I learn more, says Klarna’s director of press Niklas Gilstrom to GP.

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Problems also for clients outside Sweden

On social media, many users witness the same thing: they log in and see other people’s names, information, and debts.

One user wrote on Facebook: “I logged in and had to pay 300 SEK and found out I had 47,000 in debt.”

The problem is not unique to Sweden. On Twitter, users from the United Kingdom, Switzerland and Germany, among other countries, are outraged by the leak.

However, some seem to take all of this very seriously

A German user wrote on Twitter: “To everyone who has access to my account: Please pay my bills if you can.”

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App login has been blocked

Just before the age of twelve, Niklas Gelstrom wrote to GP that they closed the app while they worked on the issue:

We are currently facing disruptions to our systems due to technical issues. We are trying our best to restore order and our services to their full capacity and we apologize for any inconvenience caused to our customers. We have currently blocked all app logins so we can make sure the problem is completely resolved. “

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