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Japan will release Fukushima water

Japan will release Fukushima water

This is the water that has been used to cool the nuclear power plant, and the rain and groundwater that seep into the plant daily.

The Japanese government believes the drainage will be safe because the water has been purified so that almost all radioactivity disappears, and it will also be mitigated. Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has described it as an imperative mission of removing the water.

The United Nations Atomic Energy Agency IAEA It gives green light, and is similar to emissions from other nuclear power plants around the world.

But neighbors South Korea and China have expressed concern about the plans. China calls it “extremely irresponsible,” writing in a statement on the Foreign Ministry’s website that Japan should wait for the emissions to consult with all concerned countries and the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The local fishing industry He was angry at the decision, which he feared would damage confidence in products from the region, which took years to build after the disaster.

They said they would not release the water into the sea without the support of the fishermen. We cannot support a measure that breaks that promise, says Kanji Tachia, who leads a local fisheries organization, to the NHK.

According to the government, pumping work is expected to start within two years at the earliest.

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