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It is difficult to leave a game library to heirs

It is difficult to leave a game library to heirs

Can I leave my Steam library to my children when I die? As more PC gamers get older, this is something more will think about over the years. The answer is not entirely simple. When a forum user on Reset Era emailed Steam Support with the question, the response could be summed up as “sadly no,” according to reports. ribbed.

Valve isn't the only one that hasn't classified digital game catalogs as property that players can leave to their heirs. The user agreements for the Epic Games Store, GOG, Microsoft Xbox Store, and Sony Playstation Store state that all “purchases” are licenses that entitle the account owner to install and play games, but nothing permits the transfer of licenses from one account to another. Neither Apple nor Google allow the transfer of purchased digital content from one account to another.

In practice, it's not that simple. Just as many accounts participate in streaming services, there is nothing stopping a user of, say, Steam, from granting his heirs access to the account so they can continue playing. As long as they have a username and password, access to the email address associated with the account and the ability to generate two-factor codes, the likelihood of the company behind the store shutting down the account is low, to say the least.

Despite the skepticism, in a 2013 article in the Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal, attorney Claudine Wong recommended users include digital game libraries in their wills. It gives the heirs clear instructions regarding their wishes, which can be a strong argument in any disputes with providers.

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