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Israel: A robot from Syria crashed and exploded in Israel

According to Israeli Army Radio, the SA-5 robot fired at an Israeli plane, but missed its target and flew over Israel.

It is said to have struck several miles outside the city of Dimona, where Israel has a top-secret nuclear facility. Israeli media reported that the air defense around the facility has been beefed up in recent weeks for fear of an imminent attack by Iranian-backed forces in any country in the region.

Tensions between Iran and Israel, arch-foes, have stepped up in the wake of this week’s sabotage against Iran’s Natanz nuclear power plant, sabotage attributed to Israel.

The IDF said that Israel attacked the robot batteries in Syria in response to the Syrian air defense robot.

Syrian government news agency Sanaa says that the air force returned fire and fired most of the so-called missiles, targeting targets near Damascus. Sanaa said four soldiers were wounded in the attack, which also caused some material damage.

A source told Reuters that the attack targeted targets in the town of Dameer, 40 km northeast of Damascus, where the Iran-backed factions are located, and where Israel was said to have bombed in several previous attacks.

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