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iPhone 15 overheating – Apple blames software bugs in apps

iPhone 15 overheating – Apple blames software bugs in apps


iPhone 15

Regular use with popular apps can make the iPhone 15 too hot to last, and Apple is blaming software issues — and promises to fix them soon.

American technology giant Apple recently started selling the iPhone 15 series. But soon after the phone reached iPhone owners, the first reports came that the new Applemobile may suffer from overheating issues. Ny Teknik also suffered from similar problems during tests of the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro Max.

Bug in Ios 17 causing problems

The phone may become warm during the first few days of use as it recovers user data, according to Apple, which says the issue is related to what it describes as a bug in the latest iOS 17 operating system.

But it’s also about externally installed apps that cause congestion. Among the apps described by users as causing problems – and in some cases making the phone too hot to hold – are Instagram, Uber and the game Asphalt 9.

According to Mashable Some users have reported that their phones have become so hot that it is no longer possible to hold them in their hands during calls.

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“We have found a bug in iOS 17 that is affecting some users, and this bug will be fixed in the next software update. Another underlying issue is related to recent updates to third-party apps, which in turn overload the system.” In a statement to Forbes – At the same time, it indicates that it has begun cooperation with suppliers of applications that make this possible.

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The first iPhone with a 3nm chip – and a titanium frame

Apple, which has not set a date for the iOS 17 update, meanwhile denies claims that overheating problems have anything to do with the hardware in the new iPhone 15 Pro model.

The iPhone 15 Pro, the most expensive Apple model, has been updated, among other things, with a new titanium frame, and at the same time they are the manufacturer’s first phones with the new A17 Pro chip – a leading system circuit designed by TSMC with 3nm technology.

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Apple: Think about the chargers you use

The iPhone manufacturer is also urging users to review used chargers for the iPhone 15 and iPhone 15 Pro. This year’s models are the first Apple phones to support USB-C – which means, among other things, that mobile phones can be charged with equipment intended for laptops, for example.

The new flagship iPhone 15 Pro can be charged at up to 27 watts, but Apple recommends using chargers with a maximum power of 20 watts to avoid overheating the phone when plugged into a wall outlet.