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Intel Core 13000 Series revealed in September - Available in October

Intel Core 13000 Series revealed in September – Available in October

With the upcoming summer turning into fall, it’s time to fasten your seat belts and stick to your hats, because the AMD, Nvidia, and Intel trio are ready with a slew of modern hardware. High-performance graphics cards that consume a lot of power are part of the products that will be released, as will new processors. AMD unleashes the AM5 socket and Zen 4 architecture, while Intel is rolling out a second-generation hybrid on the LGA 1700 socket.

Possible release dates for Intel’s next load of processors, which will therefore be the Core 13000 series codenamed “Raptor Lake”, are now being reported. A pinch of salt is recommended, as it’s the “enthusiastic citizen” user on the Chinese forum Bilibili who wrote that “Raptor Lake” will be revealed on September 28. then owns Intel Innovation Event RoomAnd with the processor slated to launch in the fall, it’s not at all unlikely that the company will seize this opportunity. Along the same lines, independent reviews will be launched.

It’s worth noting that so far user Bilibili has put together a track record of early data and product testing, which has since been proven correct. Therefore, it is not impossible that the claim that the sharp launch will occur on October 17 is true. It was also clarified that in October it will only be about to release unlocked processors with the “K” suffix, as well as motherboards associated with Z790 control circuits. Simpler motherboards and processors have been pushed back until next year, and are said to be Intel’s top contenders at CES 2022, which begins on January 5.

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After several turbulent years, things have clearly eased up for Intel, which can now use modern manufacturing technologies and infrastructures. AMD’s Zen 3 and Ryzen 5000 series launched in the fall of 2020, while Intel’s Core 12,000 “Alder Lake” is not yet a year old. Despite the quick follow-up, “Raptor Lake” looks to give a decent performance move judging by the tests, with roughly 10 percent higher performance and more than 40 percent when all cores are running. The future will tell us how newcomers Ryzen and Core stack up against each other and older hardware, but also exactly when they launch.

source: enthusiastic citizen Across Wccftech

Do you have a Core 12000 “Alder Lake”? Thinking of upgrading to Raptor Lake? Tell us in the comment thread!