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Inhumane stress for our healthcare staff

Inhumane stress for our healthcare staff

I spent a week at MAVA, an emergency medical and geriatric unit in the US. I got there with carbon exacerbations, pneumonia, heart failure and more.

I find it hard to imagine that there is better care in the world! Just the food itself is a treat, but my condition prevented me from fully enjoying the dishes! Now I'm home and feeling much better! Despite my self-absorption, I noticed that there was an ongoing care crisis!

I've read before that employees go home tormented, feeling like they're not enough! Those who care are often subjected to inhuman pressure and get sick in the long run! Can a stressed person do a full-time job? I do not think so!

We live in a world where weapons of mass destruction bring in huge, even huge, income! I can say that killing a human being is more financially profitable than saving a human life!

The union sponsorship struggle is underway! I will especially monitor the parties' position on the health care issue until the next political elections! Blaming politicians in a democracy is wrong, and we, the voters, bear the ultimate responsibility!

I want to send a warm regards to the MAVA staff and thank them for the good care I received. Today, I see the future much brighter. I wish you all good luck!

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