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Infection increases in Västerbotten after the Easter celebrations

Infection increases in Västerbotten after the Easter celebrations

After several weeks of declining number of infections per week, the trend now appears to be easing, as last week, 646 positive cases were found, an increase of 179 cases compared to the previous week.

Of the 646 confirmed cases of COVID-19, 309 were in Umeå district, 253 were in Skelleftea region, 61 were in southern Lapland and 21 were registered outside the prefecture.

The region is seeing an increasing spread of infection throughout the province, in parts of Southern Lapland, Skelleftea and Umeå regions.

We see it in all age groups except for those over the age of 70, where it is stable at the same level, and it may be a combination of the effect of the initial vaccine in that group and that they still have a huge responsibility to spend time with a small number of people, says Stefan Steinmark .

“It is a long way before we can live as usual.”

Västerbotten has issued stricter recommendations since February. However, the infection appears to be increasing again now.

We have been good and good at following the recommendations, but we must continue to do so with great focus. This shows how difficult the opponent this virus represents and that we still have a long way to go before we can live as before. “We should now meet the fewest people inside,” says Stefan Steinmark.

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