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“Immigration” beats “Argylle” at the box office in the UK and Ireland.  “Area of ​​interest” starts well |  News

“Immigration” beats “Argylle” at the box office in the UK and Ireland. “Area of ​​interest” starts well | News

Rank film (distributor) Total for three days (February 2-4) Total total so far week
1. Immigration (worldwide) 3.6 million pounds sterling 3.6 million pounds sterling 1
2. Argyle (worldwide) £1.8 million 2 million pounds sterling 1
3. I mean girls (Basic) £842,000 £6.8 million 3
4. We are all strangers (Disney) £797,004 2.8 million pounds sterling 2
5. Area of ​​interest (A24) £596,565 £595,565 1

Conversion rate from British Pounds to US Dollars: 1.26

Immigration Outperformed Universal Stablemate Argyle To top the box office in the United Kingdom and Ireland this weekend; Like Jonathan Glazer Area of ​​interest It had an excellent debut in only 106 cinemas.

The weather has been beautiful for the cartoon ducks Immigration It opened to £3.6 million. Playing across 597 sites, it took an average of £5,951 per site. Its acquisitions were lower than those of Illumination Minions series; But it's still a respectable start to an original film.

That was enough to top Matthew Vaughn's spy thriller Argyle, which opened to £1.8m from 619 locations with an average of £2,868, and has a cume of £2m including previews. It's the lowest opening for a film Vaughn has directed since his 2004 debut Layer cake In the amount of 1.1 million pounds sterling.

Previously number one I mean girls It dropped 44% in its third weekend for Paramount, taking its £842,000 total to £6.8m – surpassing the £5.7m cume of the 2004 original.

After a strong opening, Andrew Hay We are all strangers It posted a strong second weekend, falling just 23%. The Searchlight Pictures and Film4 romantic drama added £797,004 to reach nearly £2.8m – already Haigh's highest-grossing film of all time in the region, ahead of 45 years (£1.8 million).

Jonathan Glazer Area of ​​interest It achieved an opening of £596,565 – an impressive result from just 106 cinemas, with the site's average of £5,628 the weekend's best. Released by A24, the Oscar- and BAFTA-nominated title posted one of the best openings for an awards contender since the pandemic, coming in 50% higher than that of Anatomy of the case, Taking a duck The decision to leave; higher than Past life On half the sites; And double open Triangle of sadness.

It's Glazer's biggest opening in the UK and Ireland, set to surpass 2013's Under the skin (£1.2 million) becoming his highest-grossing film in two weeks.

Top five takings increased by 48.9% to £7.6m, although still around £1m less on the corresponding weekend than last year. reissuing Sand dunes Next weekend before Sand Dunes: Part TwoAnd Lionsgate Iron claw Giving best hopes for continued growth.

imaginary fascinated by

A successful romantic comedy hit Anyone but you Finally leaving the top five after six weekends. But it still played well, adding £572,462 – a 30% drop – to reach an excellent £9.3m total for Sony.

Wonka C. Warner Bros

Wonka It crossed the £60 million mark after nine weekends in cinemas, with £566,704 – down 45.9% – taking it to £60.5 million. Warner Bros address is 26y – The highest-grossing film of all time in the UK and Ireland, and the second highest-grossing release of 2023.

Yorgos Lanthimos Bad things It added a further £429,715 in its fourth weekend – a 38% drop that took the Searchlight Pictures film to a total of £5.9 million.

Alexander Payne Retainers It added £394,206 in its third weekend, down 40%; The total amount comes to £2.5 million, with the opportunity for a total of £3.9 million of the total director's sum for 2005. Sideways.

Oscar contender American fantasy It opened to £288,019 for Curzon, with a decent site average of £1,540. Including previews, Cord's Jefferson grossed £389,375.

Sky Cinema beekeeperreleased by Studiocanal, added £237,861 in its third weekend – a 43% drop – to reach £3.3 million.

One life The film starring Anthony Hopkins added £225,243 in its fifth weekend – a 50.2% drop – to £9.1m for Warner Bros.

Horror channel studio Bughead It added £170,430 in its second weekend – a drop of 48.4% – to reach £671,002.

Violet It dropped 63.5% in its second weekend, taking £154,282 to Warner Bros.' £865,716.

with Wonka a duck I mean girls Both play well, and a third piece of music found space in the form of the CinemaLive event's cinema release Strange shoes. The title took in £95,018 over the weekend, with £174,546 including the day of the event on Thursday 1 February.

Disney he wishes £90,521 added to 11y Weekend in cinemas, reaching a total of £12.6 million, despite the arrival of Immigration It saw a 67% decline from the previous session.

On its sixth weekend in theaters, Elysian Film Distribution The boy and the heron It added £75,833 – a drop of 40.7% – to reach an excellent £4.8m total.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom The DC Extended Universe's final box office take was £51,539 in its seventh weekend to take Warner Bros.' box office to £9.6m.

Sofia Coppola Priscilla It added £41,414 in Mobi's fifth weekend, for a total of £3.1 million.

George Clooney's blasphemy drama Boys in the boat It earned an additional £34,515 in its fourth session, earning Warner Bros. a whopping £738,193.

Film launch event for James Graham's play Dear England by National Theater Live added a further £29,107, taking it to £883,401 from the two weekends.

Park Circus released Jill Junger's romantic comedy in 1999 10 things I hate about you to £23,105, with the film expanding to a further 153 locations next weekend.

Christopher Nolan is still showing in cinemas more than half a year after its release Oppenheimer £22,032 added to 29y session, amounting to 58.6 million pounds sterling – the 27thy – The highest-grossing film of all time in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

FerrariBlack Bear Pictures' run is coming to a close, with £11,170 in its sixth weekend taking it to nearly £4.2m.

Reissue by Terrence Malick Days of heaven He earned £7,569 through Park Circus.

Anime Ltd opened Japanese animation Blue giant to £21,820 including £4,558 weekend; While the distributor was nominated for an Oscar Godzilla minus one It closes with £2.6 million from eight weekends in cinemas.

Event cinema launch Pet Shop Boys Dreamworld: Greatest Hits He received £97,065 on Wednesday 31 January; He has £103,532 including appearances for the Trafalgar edition.

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