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IES in the UK – a well-financed, loss-making company

IES in the UK – a well-financed, loss-making company

School profit While the English International School makes big profits in Sweden, things are worse in Great Britain. IES International English School, which runs the country's first for-profit independent school, has made a loss for the past three years according to

IES activities in United kingdom Made possible and financed by the parent company IES Sweden AB. Despite Sweden's millions of support International English schools in the UK So IES in the UK is at a loss writes, A digital magazine that delves into the issues surrounding English language school. I. S. Breckland It has been around for six years and only two of them have been profitable. In 2014 and 2015, the school showed positive financial results after parent company IES Switzerland AB stepped in with a rescue package of around £300,000, or about 3.6 million Swedish krona.

IES representative They believe that the losses are a result of their investment in education. The school believes that the work to improve the quality of teaching and the money needed to finance this has caused profits to fail.

IES believes that despite the losses, they got value for money and the UK Schools Inspectorate Ofsted Now for the first time Breckland Junior and Lower School has been rated 'good' rather than 'requires improvement'.

Non-profit the organization Saber Educational Fund It was sponsored in 2017 by IES International English Schools in the UK for $1 million. In 2009, the Sabers Educational Trust began a campaign to restore a school in Brandon after Breckland Middle School closed.

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**Owned by Saber Educational Foundation The school, but the English International School is responsible for providing education in it I. S. Breckland.

In the academic year that ended in August 2017, Sabers Educational Trust paid £105,000 to IES Breckland for so-called “administration fees”, double the amount the previous year when they paid only around £50,000 to IES. But £98,000 has been refunded to the Sabers Educational Fund to go towards something that can be translated as »Activities aimed at strengthening school management and increasing the quality of teaching and learning.

**Jonathan Howell Who is he? The English International School's press officer says IES chose to step in as education officers for the school in Breckland to find out how the British education system works. He also believes that the reason things are going so well for IES in Sweden financially is because the school system is structured differently here.

Previously, Dagens Arena has drawn attention to the difference in salaries in Sweden between teachers in IES and municipal schools.

*margin: IES AB's latest financial statements show that the company generated profits of $27.5 million.

**Updated November 6 at 1:21 p.m

Karl Mayer He is a trainee at Dagens Arena

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