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I don't care that Giorgia Meloni is a woman - work

I don’t care that Giorgia Meloni is a woman – work

Congratulations Europe! Fratelli d’Italia, Brothers of Italy, led by Giorgia Meloni, won the elections in Italy. The glorious boot country of the South, with the success of right-wing populists, gets its first female prime minister.

However, another nation managed to break the eternal patriarchal trend. Big win for women. or?

Worker, entrepreneur, middle class, poor, rich, mother, feminist, left, right. Most women are more things than just women. However, gender specifically as a basis for identification appears to play the largest role.

Populism is called conservatism

There are, of course, several points regarding gender representation. Setting the agenda, giving an experience-based perspective and inspiring those who empathize with you are no small things.

But this is far from enough to justify everything else, not least of which is reactionary politics. That is no matter how carefully packaged politics in the more socially acceptable conservative current. Or the sender is a woman.

The Italian Brotherhood has chosen to stand outside the coalition government that has recently spent a lot of time and effort arguing over compensation packages and course options at a difficult time for Italy.

The image that emerged is that these political differences between the coalition parties stood in the way of actual solutions. The free outside role that this entailed allowed Meloni’s party to name itself as an alternative to change. There is a great desire for change among Italians.

You may be deprived of power

Standing outside a wall and screaming is an effective way to win over someone who is feeling hopeless, mistrustful, or outright angry. The same demanding and unconditional lament that worked with right-wing Swedish populists is now also bearing fruit in Italy.

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How in politics they will actually be held remains to be seen. In the US, Trump coded after having a high pitched to say the least and then failed to deliver. In Denmark, the Danish People’s Party was weakened after entering into a coalition government in the 10th century.

The family is the focus of attention and it has not been late to turn the head to LGBT people. Meloni went to the polls on an economic hard line without increasing the national debt or making major reforms.

In a country still reeling from high unemployment in the wake of the pandemic and an incredibly low rate of employment among women, this is worrisome to say the least.

Not the goal of feminism

When women who neither believe in nationalism, right-wing populism nor that the gender of a leader matters now, the criticism falls flat. Many seem almost confused. Surely that’s what we wanted? Wasn’t that what feminism was all about? To have a seat at the table, to judge, to make a decision, and have the final say? we will.

Preference is a policy that aims to equalize the gap in economic power that exists between men and women. Unfortunately, it has been proven that neither reactionary or conservative forces were intended to achieve this goal.

It is painfully clear to the vast majority of people of any kind of intellectual standing and honesty that a politician’s gender can’t make up for it either.

But everyone knows that now. But since the conversation is going in different directions, I’m now at the expense of writing it anyway: a woman’s success isn’t automatically a woman’s win as a group.

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So I don’t care if Giorgia Meloni is a woman.