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How to watch “Area of ​​Interest” online

How to watch “Area of ​​Interest” online

when Area of ​​interest In a very limited number of U.S. theaters on December 15, the critical consensus was clear: this was a masterpiece. It is widely agreed that director Jonathan Glazer is behind it Sexy beast a duck Under the skin, He has created a deeply disturbing and challenging film that confronts the Holocaust and the “banality of evil” in ways cinema has not yet seen.

It finally landed in the UK on February 2 without much promotion. Inevitably, word of mouth (or as it's now known, social media) spread quickly — and interest in Glazer's film skyrocketed when it was nominated for four Oscars. You'll soon be able to watch it outside of cinemas as well. Here's everything you need to know about how to watch Area of ​​interest:

the background

The film is very loosely based on Martin Amis's 2014 novel of the same name — the author died before the film was released — and follows Nazi leader Rudolf Hoss (Christian Friedel), his wife Hedwig (Sandra Höller), and their five children as they live a charmed life in the villa and verdant garden they share. Wall with Auschwitz concentration camp. Hoss was responsible for setting up the gas chambers at Auschwitz, which were intended to increase the number of Jewish victims who could be killed at one time, just meters from his family home.

As we follow the almost documentary-like normalcy of the Hoss family's life – darkly described by Glazer Watchman Like “Big Brother in the Nazi House” – we hear what is really happening outside their “Paradise Garden”: the screams of the prisoners, the howls of pain, the screams of the guards, and the gunshots, all paint the true picture of the Nazis. The absolute horror of that time in history. according to Jonathan Glazer“There is the movie you see, and there is the movie you hear.”

What did people say about the movie?

times He described it as “a very important, historical film that is not afraid of difficult ideas.” foot “Glazer has achieved something far greater than simply making mundane things brutal – by normalizing this extreme brutality, he reawakens us to its true horror,” he said. The Daily Telegraph He added: “Through painstaking framing and sound design, horror cuts to the edge of every shot.”

Meanwhile, Steven Spielberg He praised the filmHe described it as the best film about the Holocaust ever made since his film, Schindler's List“She does a lot of good work in raising awareness, especially about the banality of evil.”

How can I watch? Area of ​​interest?

A24 is still showing in cinemas across the UK and US, which is where we recommend the best experience. Although it has been available in the US to rent or buy since February 21, a UK date has not yet been set.

It's scheduled to arrive on Amazon Prime Video – currently available for pre-order – and on the Apple Store.

Given the deal between A24 and Max in the US, the film will likely stream on Max in America later this year, with UK streaming yet to be confirmed.

As always, we'll keep you updated on when one of the year's most engaging films will be available to watch at home.

Laura Martin is a freelance journalist specializing in popular culture.