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Here you can follow The WitcherCon

"the magician"- Fans: här kan du följa WitcherCon

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“The Witcher” fans: here you can follow The WitcherCon

“The Witcher” fans: here you can follow The WitcherCon

Those eager to see more from the upcoming second season of the TV series ‘The Witcher’ may not have to wait long, as Netflix and game developer CD Project Red will soon be organizing a joint “WitcherCon” on youtube.

He offers panel discussions with actors and others working on Season 2, an interview with Henry Cavill who plays the lead Geralt of Rivia and dives deep into how “The Witcher” games came to be.

It all starts on July 9 at 19:00 and can be followed on Youtube. The second live broadcast begins the tenth of july3:00, for us in Sweden the time is very inappropriate.
Anyone hoping to reveal a new game, “The Witcher,” however, might be a little disappointed. On WitcherCon official website Obviously, no new game will be shown – but there are many reasons why fans should be following the broadcast.

Below you can see the complete schedule for WitcherCon.

It offers a lot of exciting news for fans of “The Witcher”, which started as books by Andrzej Sapkowskis and got more influence after the popularity of video games.

What do you hope to see during the event? What do you think of TV series, books and games?

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