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Here the moon may be about to be “born”

Here the moon may be about to be “born”

Astronomers have observed for the first time what they believe to be a lunar formation in a disk of gas and dust around an exoplanet 400 light-years from Earth.

The first clear images of a possible lunar formation recently posted In The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

In 2018 and 2019, respectively, two Jupiter-like exoplanets were found around the star PDS 70. Unlike Just over 4400 The other exoplanets that have been found are these two planets that are not yet complete but are about to form. This increased interest in these two gas giants and several observations were made. So now a possible formation of a satellite or a moon around a planet has been observed.

The exoplanet PDS 70c is a bright spot to the right of the image surrounded by an oceanic planetary disk of dust and gas. Photo: ALMA (ESO/NAOJ/NRAO) / Benisty et al.

Around the star PDS 70 revolves around a large disk consisting of dust and gas, a circumferential disk. In the images you can see how a bright planet, PDS 70c, is located next to the star within the oceanic disk.

The planet is surrounded by a faint light, an oceanic planetary disk also composed of gas and dust. The disk’s diameter is approximately equal to the distance between the Sun and the Earth and contains enough material to form three moon-sized satellites.

In the planet’s disk, a moon can be formed According to Myriam Beneste, one of the authors of the article. Gas and dust in the disk can fall onto the planet, but it can also accumulate in ever-growing formations through collisions. This could eventually lead to the formation of the moon. Her previous notes shown That this record exists, but researchers have only now been able to distinguish the record from its surroundings.

Observations also show that the system’s other exoplanet, PDS 70b, does not have its own planetary disk, but that all material appears to have been pulled into the disk around PDS 70c. It’s still not clear exactly how the satellites and moons form, but what’s happening around the star PDS 70 will now teach us more about that.

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