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Heavy rain in London: "Never seen before"

Heavy rain in London: “Never seen before”

More than 50 millimeters of rain fell in the British capital within an hour on Sunday.

It has been raining all day and the fire brigade has received more than 300 calls about flood foundations and roads.

Three buses were allowed to unload their passengers – one of which was taken into the water – and two motorways and a car tunnel had to be closed as a result of the rain.

The tunnel had to be closed

During the day, all eight metro stations were closed. Photos from Twitter show how the stairs on the platform at Pudding Mill Lane Station end up in a pool.

“I was born and raised in London and have never seen anything like it,” 28-year-old Eddie Elliott told the BBC.

Up to 100 millimeters is expected in the south of the UK in the future – and authorities have issued two warnings for severe flooding, and the BBC writes that 14 warnings have been issued for 14 severe floods in the London area.

New storms are expected

At the same time, the Meteorological Office of the State Meteorological Service sounds the alarm A thunderstormR. on the south coast of England.

Over the weekend, it rained heavily in the Netherlands and Belgium, with lightning striking more than 25,000 times Saturday in Switzerland. New rainy weather is expected in Belgium this week.

Two weeks ago, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands were hit by severe flooding – which engulfed entire villages and killed more than 200 people.

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Here a 100 meter high sand storm is pulling

Limited visibility for five meters in the city
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