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Head of Analytics believes in Storytel: 'The right potential'

Head of Analytics believes in Storytel: ‘The right potential’

Europcar is Sweden’s leading supplier of shared sustainable mobility, with the highest percentage of electrified vehicles. But it’s not just about car rental, but Europcar wants to offer different types of mobility in the future. In 2021, the company introduced both VW California, a motorhome that can be driven on the HVO100, but also a test drive on the SEAT MÓ, an electric motorcycle, the so-called micro-mobility.

– 40 percent of our vehicle fleet is electrified and we aim to have a 100 percent fossil-free fleet of vehicles by 2025. Our vision is to be able to offer a suite of mobility solutions, a multi-modal platform with offerings that make it easier for people to move society in a way sustainable, says Catherine Eden, chief commercial officer at Europcar.

Sustainable mobility from north to south

As the leading provider of mobility solutions, Europcar operates across the country, from Kiruna in the north to Trelleborg in the south. Rechargeable electric cars can be rented everywhere, not only in big cities but all over Sweden.

– In addition to the high availability and availability of cars, we have a great use of our cars. The average mileage of privately owned cars in Sweden is about 1,100 kilometers per year, but our cars roll three times the distance, says Mikael Bojrid, CEO of Europcar Sweden.

Car, fuel and behavior

Europcar wants to challenge the norm in terms of sustainability and has, among other things, three keywords in its work; Car, fuel and behaviour. For Europcar, sustainability is important, and by buying and renting rechargeable cars, privately owned cars can be replaced. A large part of the work is also about creating awareness among customers about how to behave sustainably.

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We usually talk about the car, the fuel, and the behavior. Regarding the car, it is important to defy the norm, so why, for example, ride in a large station wagon yourself? Perhaps it is instead possible to travel for large portions of their transportation needs in a smaller car and when it is time for the mountains or summer vacation, you can rent a larger and more spacious car than us. Rent the car you need, says Michael Bogrid.

In the fuel lies our strategy for the electrification of Sweden. We have a large selection of clean electric cars, electric pickups and Seat MÓ125 electric bikes. Thus, we offer more scope than any other mobility provider. Then when it comes to behaviour, it comes down to what you choose for a navigation solution. Is a car really required for all distances? Perhaps it is better to use an electrified motorcycle in certain situations? If you as a customer choose commuting by car, how much consumption can be affected by your behavior, says Catherine Eden.

More shared cars means fewer cars on the road

Europcar considers itself an important part of the community, with a strong will to contribute to sustainable community development. To be able to combine different sustainable mobility solutions. It’s all about bicycles, public transportation and electric cars when needed. But also to get companies to think about their own mobility needs.

– As more cars are shared, there will be fewer cars. Instead of company cars, companies can instead rent from us at their peak and thus be able to load balance for their own business. Catherine Eden concludes that we are looking at corporate car parks that the public can also use.

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More information about Europcar

Europcar believes that the path to sustainable mobility is achieved through increased electrification, increased participation and the provision of vehicles that match today’s needs. This vision is reflected in Europcar’s flexible mobility solutions. Whether the need is for days or years – whether in big cities or rural areas – the company wants to challenge old ways of thinking and provide a more flexible and sustainable alternative to traditional car ownership. Europar Sverige has 160 stations and about 5,000 vehicles in its fleet. Europcar is operated in Sweden by Europeanisk Biluthyrning AB, a subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group Sverige AB.

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