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He can jump back and forth between cows and birds

He can jump back and forth between cows and birds

Scientists fear that bird flu (H5N1) will develop into a pandemic among cows and then spread to humans.

The initial concern about the spread of bird flu from cows via pasteurized milk in the United States has now passed. Photo: Most photos

So far, most cows in the United States that have been infected with the virus have only shown milder symptoms, and that makes researchers concerned that cows may make an ideal reservoir for the virus to survive for a longer period of time, mutate and reproduce. Able to transmit to humans as well. Mild symptoms among cows also mean that samples are needed to determine whether they are infected.

The new research results also show that the virus can jump back and forth between birds and cows, increasing the risk of it spreading widely geographically. This is what Nature magazine wrote.

According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the outbreak is affecting several states. The first results were reported on March 25, and there was also a case where the virus was detected in a human. The agency still estimates that the risk of humans contracting the virus is low so far, but those who work in close contact with cows are at greater risk.

The article was published on Wednesday, May 22, 2024

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