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Haselburg’s nightmare tour fell |  SVT Sport

Haselburg’s nightmare tour fell | SVT Sport

The night before Thursday, Swedish time, the journey toward a new gold medal for team Hasselburg began.

The Swedes turned around and took a comfortable 8-5 victory over the Olympic three from 2018, Japan.

Thursday afternoon, Swedish time, a few hours later, it’s time again. Team Haselburg took against Great Britain.

nightmare tour

The match started temporarily and after three rounds the score was 1-1. But in the fourth round, British captain Muirhead stood up for a really good stone and knocked out the Swedish stones, which meant four points for Great Britain and a 5-1 position before the fifth round.

When half of the match was played, the score was 6-1 for the British.

Sweden tried to catch up but chose to surrender after the seventh round.

Great Britain won 8-2.

“I don’t get that feeling at all today, so I think it’s just a recharge,” Anna Haselburg tells TT after the match.

It’s an incredibly good team, and if you play that way when you meet a good team, it won’t be as good, says Haselburg.

Residual virus

A positive Covid test earlier in January put Hasselburg’s Olympic plans on hold, when athlete Sofia Mabergs tested positive for the coronavirus.

A few days ago, it was clear that she was passive, and could make it to the Winter Games and the Olympic Village.

After that, she tested positive again at the site in China, but can participate and play after another negative test.

– Anna Haselburg says: “She obviously has some kind of remnant of the virus left in her body, so we swing a little.”

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