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Handball: Sweden has a bad understanding of Great Britain: 'It knows nothing'

Handball: Sweden has a bad understanding of Great Britain: 'It knows nothing'

What do Swedish players know about Great Britain? Listen to the answers in the clip above.

After losing to Hungary 25-28, Sweden must wait until tomorrow to secure a ticket to the Olympics. They will then face Great Britain, who secured Cameroon's place in the qualifying group and had 48 hours to field a team and qualify for Debrecen, Hungary.

Olympic Games in Paris 2024

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– A team that has no place at all in the Olympic qualifiers. It was a quick fix by the International Handball Federation (IHF). It's a team that hasn't played in one of Sweden's top divisions, says Union captain Thomas Aksner.

Lowest average age: “Looks young”

As the host nation, Great Britain automatically qualified for the Olympic Games in London 2012. There was one win and -75 on goal difference.

There were no further championships for Great Britain, which has the lowest average age of the twelve teams currently qualifying for the Olympics.

– They look very young, says Len Blom, whose Swedish national team has an average age of 26.9 years.

Hear players' guesses about the average age of the UK national team at the bottom of the article.

Great Britain and Sweden have met once before: in 1986. Sweden then won 25-8. If Sweden wins tomorrow, along with Hungary, they will be ready to compete in the Olympic Games this summer in Paris.

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Here the middle-aged players in Britain guess: “After you ask the question like that…” picture: Buildberan/SVT