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Handball: “Body monster” Nina Dano's new record – Anja Parson celebrates

Handball: “Body monster” Nina Dano's new record – Anja Parson celebrates

Tonight, Sweden completes qualification for the Olympics and a win over blueberry nation Great Britain means the ticket to Paris is safe. If Nina Dano is selected for the Olympics, she will come into the championships stronger than ever.

– I am my strongest, says Dano.

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Last fall, he set a new national team record by lifting 100 kg in the right-handed freestyle. Now he has further improved that record.

Built during rehabilitation

– I won it by a kilo a month ago. I work in kilos, she laughs.

During EC 2022, the 23-year-old broke a bone in his lower leg and spent a lot of time in the gym during rehabilitation. It paid off and when the national team played in the EC qualifiers in Umeå in April, he impressed Anja Parsons during a gym session.

– It's always nice to hear those words from Anja, says Dano.

“Encourage everyone to see Anja Parsons”

According to press manager Daniel VanDore, it was the leg bend that caught the former Alpine star in the gym with the national team.

– I think everyone was motivated to see Anja Parsons there. I think everyone was encouraged, and maybe some were a little starstruck, says Jenny Carlson.

– Anja Pärson If you have your back, you want to do the right thing and do it well.

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