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Great interest in learning more about Brexit

Great interest in learning more about Brexit

The Chamber of Commerce buildings in the center of Växjö are filled with business people. the reason? Commerskolegium is here to give a lecture on Brexit on its ongoing tour of Sweden.

Interest in hearing about Brexit is very high, says Annelie Fenglin of Commerscolegium. She continues:

– Last year the interest was not very high, but throughout 2019 there was huge demand.

On October 31, Great Britain may exit the European Union, after which it will be more complicated for all Swedish companies doing business with Great Britain.

Across Sweden, companies that do business with Great Britain are now preparing for Brexit.

As the risk of a “hard Brexit” increases, interest among businessmen has increased.

Uncertainty is the worst

– Naturally, they want to know how things will end, and politically we cannot answer that. But we can tell you what happens when they leave and what the consequences are.

How prepared are Swedish companies?

– It is very difficult to say, but it is clear that they are better prepared now than they were two years ago. At the time, the attitude was sometimes “but it can't be like this,” but now they realize that you really have to prepare for changing circumstances.

What worries them most?

– It will be difficult to get your goods in and out of the country and you do not know the rules that will be applied. Uncertainty is the worst.