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Goldman Sachs raises Volvo's target price - that's shrimp today

Goldman Sachs raises Volvo’s target price – that’s shrimp today

Henrik Fagrill, Vice President. Photo: Daniel Forspring, Helena Reimringer, Director of Sales and Strategic Services for Business Development Photo: Carl Björklund

Investing in Managed Mobility Services (MMS) means an opportunity for companies to increase security, reduce costs and complex information technology, while increasing employee productivity and satisfaction.

Techstep is an MMS provider that helps businesses in the North region grow a modern workplace and streamline operations using mobile technology in a way that improves operations and improves the work day for employees. By combining software, hardware, and packaged MMS services, they guide the customer in safe and sustainable mobile development.

In short, our concept can be said to be a mobile lifecycle service that meets the growing demands of business in a flexible and mobile workplace, while creating a good user experience and great efficiency for companies, says Henrik Fagrell, Vice President.

The mobile phone is simpler, more efficient and innovative

One of the consequences of the pandemic is that more and more companies are investing in new technology to be able to meet the demands of employees in a more mobile workplace. More and more people are implementing new ways of working as the mobile phone becomes a tool for performing critical tasks, from the place where the employee is and the tools chosen by the employee. This means a big change for both companies and employees, and with each change, understanding is just as important as having the right equipment and technology. Working strategically with mobility is very important as technology is evolving very quickly and users are more mobile than ever with the pandemic.

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– Mobile business is simpler, more efficient and more innovative. It provides significant value in productivity and more flexibility and employee balance. Multimedia Messaging Services (MMS) allow our clients to offer a modern and mobile office to their employees, who can work with mobile tools such as tablets and cell phones of their choice. If a mobile tool is important to make the business efficient, companies should also invest in designing the right tools (apps) and the right processes that together create a good user experience. To help our clients with this, we take a holistic view of the mobile and put the focus on the employee, says Helena Remeringer, Director of Sales and Strategic Services for Business Development.

A holistic approach to the mobile life cycle

MMS services from Techstep It comes in three different parts; Asset management, platform management and advisory services. The services provide a complete overview of the company’s mobile devices and complete control over security aspects such as identity management. The shared portal with service and support reduces IT department management and through service tools, companies can ensure that all devices always have the correct version of operating systems and applications.

– We have a sophisticated and unique experience that accompanies the customer on the mobile journey through the entire life cycle, from installation to after sales and retrieval. Henrik Fagrell says: We set goals, strategy and help the client digitize and automate the company’s mobile lifecycle.

information about us

Techstep is Nordic Managed Mobility Services, with 295 employees in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. With more than 550 enterprise customers in various industries of the private and public sectors, Techstep enables companies and their employees to carry out their work on mobile devices and sites, with a high degree of security and operational stability.

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