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Germany played with a world record - already in qualifying

Germany played with a world record – already in qualifying

While the British team took gold in 4.10,236, the team set a world record in persecution from the 2016 Olympic final.

But when the velodrome competitions started today, that record was quickly erased. Already in the team search qualifiers, the German team, consisting of Francisco Brasse, Lisa Brenner, Lisa Klein and Mike Krueger, won in 4.07,307.

– The track was very fast and we saw in training that our form was good and we were in harmony together, so we aimed for it (the world record), Kruger told reporters after qualifying, according to news agency Reuters.


Thus, the German team broke the world record in almost three seconds. Or, as the British BBC In the live report of the competition wrote:

“The record is completely broken! Germany not only broke the world record, it destroyed it.

Germany is the second fastest

Great Britain, the record-breaking team ahead of Germany, is the second fastest team in the qualifying round. They looked a long way to get the record back immediately, but in the end it was slower than over 1.7 seconds.

– Vk went out a little hard and eventually had to pay for it, says British Eleanor Parker.

Overall, the velodrome matches maintained impressive quality on the first day. After a long time, it became a world record in the women’s team sprint when China’s Shanxu Pao and Tianxi Chong finished in 31.804.

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