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"Germany is sick of not being included" - Sitsvensken

“Germany is sick of not being included” – Sitsvensken

Tokyo. Only twelve nations participate and many giants are missing.

This makes the medal chance at the Olympics the best for Swedish football women.

At the same time, the Swedish national team management wants to see more European teams in matches in the future.

– Striker Fridolina Rolpe comments that it’s not sick when you think teams like Germany and France are not included.

Friedolina Rolpe, Hannah Glass, Stina Blacksteinius and Magdalena Eriksson at the Swedish training in Tokyo.

Photo: Bildprone

The top three European teams at the 2019 World Cup have been shortlisted for Olympic football this year.

This means the Netherlands (second in the World Cup), Sweden (third) and England (participating in Great Britain, four) are in Japan – while Olympic number one and world number 2 Germany, world number three France, are missing.

It has long been argued that Europe has only three places in the Olympics. As well as the format of having twelve football teams on the women’s side, unlike the men’s 16s.

– Having an Olympic play-off with twelve teams is not a good balance. I think women’s football and soccer in general deserve more teams in the Olympics, says Swedish national team manager Marika Domansky Lifeforce.

– Women also have some of the best teams in the world (unlike men who do not participate in a national team). So it would be fair to have at least 16 teams in the Olympic playoffs.


In particular, the national team manager says the number of European places should be increased.

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This thing is definitely doubling down as the deficit of the big football nations at the same time increases the Swedish medal chances.


– When there are not enough places for Europe in an Olympics, as I think, it represents a great opportunity.

Kosovar Aslani in training in Sweden.

Photo: Bildprone

At the last World Cup, all the quarterfinals were European except for the World Organizer and future World Champion USA.

Sweden then fell to Germany on the bronze track, while France fell to the Americans.

Should there be more European nations in the Olympics?

– Former German professional and new Barcelona striker Friedolina Rolpe says this is a good question.


– There are an incredible number of good football teams in Europe, and it’s not sick when you consider that teams like Germany and France are not on this big stage. So it will remain the same.

Real Madrid star Kosovar Aslani is even clearer when he meets him at the Olympic Village:

– Yes, I really think so, she replies.

– It would have been fun with more teams, and more places for Europe.


– Europe has some of the best national teams in the world, so I think no one here complains about Germany, France – and even Spain.

Sweden starts the Olympics against the United States on Wednesday and also meets Australia and New Zealand in the team and stage.

Speaking about the extension of the women’s competition to the future Olympics, Marika Domansky Lifeforce says:

– That debate has been going on for many years, but the retreat is that the IOC (International Olympic Committee) wants to keep the total number of active participants very stable.

– This means you do not want to expand, but keep it intact, or reduce it. There are debates about whether or not this competition should last. But I hope football remains and the number of teams on the women’s side increases.

Are you saying that football is threatened at the Olympics?


– No I don’t think so. But there are always debates.


Twelve teams in women’s Olympic football 2021

Host country Japan.
From the Football Association of Europe: Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain.
Asia (except Japan): China, Australia.
South America: Brazil, Chile.
North America: USA, Canada.
Africa: Zambia.
Oceania: New Zealand.


Top-12 in the world rankings

1. USA
2. Germany
3. France
4. Netherlands
5. Sweden
6. England
7. Brazil
8. Canada
9. Australia
10. Japan
11. North Korea
12. Spain

Rankings of other Olympic nations
15. China
22. New Zealand
37. Chile
104. Zambia



Olympic teams

The Olympic teams on the women’s side are divided into three groups. The first two places in each group and the first two places advance to the quarterfinals.
The competition runs from July 21 to August 6.
Group E: Japan, Canada, UK, Chile.
Group F: China, Brazil, Zambia, Netherlands.
Group G: Sweden, USA, Australia, New Zealand.