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Gävle is the only municipality in the county that has a nutritionist – Gävle Dagblad

Gävle is the only municipality in the county that has a nutritionist – Gävle Dagblad

Malnutrition is a common and serious problem as we age. Illness, disability, and medications can affect appetite, taste, smell, energy, nutritional needs, and the ability to eat. Loneliness also affects our appetite.

“Loneliness also affects our appetite.”

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More than half of risk assessments in aged care show a risk of malnutrition. Although there are effective measures that can be implemented, many municipalities today lack in-depth competence. One reason is that the number of dietitians working in the municipality has halved in the past decade and not all of them work in elderly care. In the province, only Gävle has a nutritionist, according to the municipality’s network of nutritionists.

Malnutrition causes great human suffering as a result of falls, increased susceptibility to infection, and poor wound healing. It also has major health and economic consequences. Therefore, it is important to detect and treat the risk of malnutrition early.

Treating malnutrition requires collaboration between dietitians and other professions, where everyone can contribute their specialized skills to get the best possible care. A dietitian’s unique knowledge of nutritional measures is an essential element.

With more community dietitians, older people can enjoy a better quality of life and better care and care. It saves money and unnecessary suffering.

Kjell Olson

Chairman of the professional association Dietisternas riksförbund

Frieda Laoinius

Director of the guild Naturvetarna

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