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Four cases of mutated virus in Sweden

Four cases of mutated virus in Sweden

The Statens Serum Institute has conducted a more detailed study of the mutated form of the Coronavirus that was discovered this spring.

The virus variant, called N439K, is not the same as the one that originates from the mink or the one that is now circulating in the UK – which has led Sweden, among others, to impose a ban on entering the country.

According to the data of the Gisaid database, four cases of N439K were found and reported in Sweden.

The Swedish Public Health Agency confirms these figures. Findings have been reached over a long period of time, the first case was found in early April and the most recent in late November.

Danish vaccine concerns

No other cases have been found than the four so far.

On the other hand, the type of virus has been identified in a number of other countries in Europe. Denmark was able to prove that the virus was found in 1,624 samples from August 8 to December 6.

The Statens Serum Institute has expressed concern that the virus may continue to spread and that a vaccine may not help eliminate it.

There are concerns about the effectiveness of the vaccine against N439K. Therefore, it is appropriate to monitor the prevalence of infection with this type in Denmark and whether it has reached particularly vulnerable groups, says Tyra Grove Krause, head of the department at SSI, according to Press release.

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The researcher: The risk of mutations to “escape” the vaccine

Therefore, rapid vaccination against COVID-19 is important.