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Forest fires continue to spread across Europe

Forest fires continue to spread across Europe

The sweltering heat in southern Europe with temperatures approaching 40 degrees is being described as the worst in several decades, according to reports AP.

At the same time, thousands of firefighters are battling several major forest fires in many countries around the Mediterranean.

Eight people were killed in Turkey

In Turkey, eight people have died in southern coast fires including two firefighters who worked with firefighting work near the tourist resort of Antalya, he writes. BBC.

About 400 Swedes will be in the affected area, and the Foreign Ministry is urging them to follow the advice and instructions of local authorities.

Turkey’s rescue service has struggled to put out several hundred fires and ten will remain active.

He was supported by Russian firefighting planes

45 helicopters and nearly 11,000 rescue vehicles were mobilized in firefighting work and received support from firefighting aircraft from Russia, Azerbaijan and Ukraine.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has visited the areas devastated by the fire and says the government will cover the costs.

“We can only ask God’s grace for the lives we’ve lost, but we can replace all that was burned,” he said.

The tourist island of Rhodes has been hit hard

On the Italian island of Sicily, about 250 firefighting operations were carried out. And in Greece, it burns intensely outside of Patras, the country’s third largest city. 145 firefighters and eight firefighters are battling a forest fire that has destroyed about a dozen homes.

Also on the tourist island of Rhodes, numerous fires are raging, which are fought by helicopters and firefighting planes. The fires forced many residents in a number of villages to evacuate their homes, and a military base was also evacuated. There must also be major disruptions to the telecommunications network and power must have occurred in large parts of the island.

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The biggest fire in Finland in 50 years

But it does not only burn in southern Europe. Over the past week, hundreds of firefighters have been battling a fire in a forest of about 300 hectares in Kalajoki, Finland.

Swedish firefighting is ready to provide support, but there is no need for that yet.

The forest fire is the largest in Finland in 50 years, and the extinguishing work is expected to take several more days, he wrote. Swedish Yle.

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