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For sale: Scott Contessa Speedster 15XS

For sale: Scott Contessa Speedster 15XS

Bold Linkin Pro Large

For sale in Gothenburg 42,900 SEK mountain bike 42,900 SEK 3 minutes

DT XRC 1200 25mm 29in

For sale in Halland 7500 Swedish krona Wheels and tires 7500 Swedish krona 7 minutes

Scott Contessa Speedster 15XS

For sale in Jönköping 9000 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 9000 Swedish krona 39 minutes

White RR Aero Ultimate 2019

Sold in Stockholm 9000 Swedish krona Racing/country road bike 9000 Swedish krona 44 minutes

Moser AX steel racer leader

For sale in knife 3900 SEK tires 3900 SEK 46 minutes

Javio MTB bike for women

For sale in Örebro 3000 Swedish krona mountain bike 3000 Swedish krona 1 hour

Handlebar assembly (possibly separately): Raceface Aeffect R 35mm 780mm handlebar + Raceface Aeffect R 60mm handlebar stem (new)

For sale in Gothenburg 500:- Elements 500:- 1 hour

Old Shimano Dura-Ace EX wheels

For sale in Gothenburg 1000 Swedish Krona Wheels and tires 1000 Swedish Krona 1 hour

Garmin 820 Edge

For sale in Scaraborg 2500 Swedish krona electronics 2500 Swedish krona 1 hour

Trek Amonda AL 5

For sale in Kalmar 15,000:- Racing/country road bike 15,000:- 1 hour

Campagnolo Proton front wheel

For sale in Gothenburg 700:- Wheels and tires 700:- 1 hour

Looking for vintage Zipp wheels

Bought in Gothenburg 1,234:- Wheels and tires 1,234:- 1 hour

Styrene cleaning

For sale in Gothenburg 100:-

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Elements 100:- 1 hour

Wahoo ROM V2

For sale in Gothenburg 2700 SEK diverse 2700 SEK 2 hours

Pergamont Grandeur 6

For sale in Dalarna 9000 Swedish krona Cross/pebbles 9000 Swedish krona 2 hours

2-speed rear wheel with foot brake – 700c/28 in

Sold in Stockholm 800:- Wheels and tires 800:- 2 hours

Ax dropper

Bought in Örebro 3000 Swedish krona Elements 3000 Swedish krona 2 hours

Longtail with long range (belt drive also preferred) and the relatively new Garmin Edge

Bought in Gothenburg 123,456:- Electric bike 123,456:- 2 hours

My Ripley (L) vs your Enduro (188cm)?

For sale in Yavleborg 333 333:- mountain bike 333 333:- 2 hours

See 795

For sale in Jönköping 19,000 SEK Racing/country road bike 19,000 SEK 2 hours

Suunto 9 Barrow Black (New)

For sale in Scaraborg 2400 SEK Supplements 2400 SEK 2 hours

Specialized Runway SL7

For sale in Jönköping 42,000 SEK Racing/country road bike 42,000 SEK 2 hours

OneUp v2 dropper size 31.6, 180mm

For sale in Gothenburg 1000 Swedish Krona Elements 1000 Swedish Krona 2 hours

Focus Team Izalco 1.0 SRAM Red

For sale in Södermanland 10,000:- Racing/country road bike 10,000:- 3 hours

Selle San Marco Concours Supercorsa

Sold in Stockholm 400:- Elements 400:- 3 hours

Rafa Gresi

Sold in Stockholm three hundred fifty:- clothes three hundred fifty:- 3 hours

S works out revenge via di2

Sold in Stockholm 28,000 SEK

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Racing/country road bike 28,000 SEK 3 hours

YKYW jersey

Sold in Stockholm 250:- clothes 250:- 3 hours

Knee and leg protection

Sold in Stockholm 300:- protection 300:- 3 hours

Specialized Electric Saddle 155ml

Sold in Stockholm 620:- Elements 620:- 3 hours