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Football at the 2021 Olympics நேர Times and Events for Tokyo • They Broadcast

Football at the 2021 Olympics நேர Times and Events for Tokyo • They Broadcast

The 2021 Olympics in Tokyo secretly kick off on July 21 with the women’s football tournament and the men’s start the next day.

Sweden went to the Olympics after winning bronze at the 2019 World Cup in France. Blue and yellow now play on the same team as the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Here is everything you need to know about football at the 2021 Olympics.

Olympics 2021: They broadcast football

The Discovery team also owns the rights to the football and the entire Olympic Games. The matches will be broadcast on Canal 5, Canal 9, Canal 11, Eurosport and Eurosport 2, but will also be streamed on the Discovery Plus service.

Matches are played here

Sapporo Dom

Miyagi Stadium

Tokyo Stadium

Ibraki Kashima Stadium

International Stadium Yokohama

Saitama Stadium

Olympic Stadium

The women’s final and bronze will be held at the Olympic Stadium, while the men’s final will be decided at the International Stadium in Yokohama.

All groups, women

Group E: Great Britain, Chile, China and Brazil

Group F: Japan, Canada, Zambia and the Netherlands

Group G: Sweden, USA, Australia and New Zealand

The first and second and the top two go to the quarterfinals

Then Sweden’s matches are played

Wednesday 21 July

9.30 Great Britain – Chile (Group E)

10.00 China – Brazil (Group E)

10.30 Sweden – USA (Group G)

12.30 Japan – Canada (Group F)

13.00 Zambia – Netherlands (Group F)

14.00 Australia – New Zealand (Group G)

July 24 Saturday

9.30 Chile – Canada

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10.00 China-Zambia

10.30 Sweden-Australia

12.30 Japan-UK

13.00 Netherlands – Brazil

13.30 New Zealand – United States

Tuesday 27 July

10.00 New Zealand-Sweden

10.00 USA – Australia

13.00 Chile – Japan

13.00 Canada – UK

13.30 Brazil – Zambia

13.30 Netherlands – China

Friday, July 30th

10.00 Quarter 1

11.00 Quarter End 2

12.00 Quarter End3

13.00 Quarter 4

Monday, August 2nd

10.00 Semifinals1

13.00 Semi-Final2

Thursday, August 5th

10.00 Bronze Match

Friday, August 6th

04.00 Final

Sweden team for the Olympics in Tokyo

Goalkeepers: Hedwig Lindall, Atletico Madrid, Jennifer Polk, BK Hooken, Jesira Musovic, Chelsea.

Defender: Hannah Glass, Bayern Munich, Magdalena Eriksson, Chelsea, Amanda Illusted, Bayern Munich, Jonah Anderson, Chelsea, Natalie Bjorn, FC Rosenkard, Emma Gulberg, BK Hooken, Julia Roder, Washington.

Midfielder / Striker: Carolyn Secker, F.C. Rosencord, Kosovare Aslani, Real Madrid, Hannah Pennison, F.C. Rosencord, Madeleine Janoki, Hummerby, Anna Unvecord, F.C. Rosenkort, Rebecca Blomkivist, Wolfsburg.

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