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Five shares in five years

Five shares in five years

Roof: If you were to buy five stocks today and sell them in five years, what would it be?
Marcus: In the meantime, when a growth stock like Lime is retreating to levels not seen in a long time, I will take a closer look at it and pick it up in the future. Astra’s stock price appears to have hit a bottom, and now that revenues and profits have increased well, it feels like a good buy. I am taking Cibus Nordic for property security with grocery stores and for their good direct returns. Then the investment firms VEF and VNV, where despite the risks, we will likely have time to see plenty of success in portfolios over the next five years.

Lorelai: What do you think about Starbreeze, is it worth even getting it? Should I keep the Swedish Match? And finally: Will it give you a reasonable stock to buy?
Marcus: Starbreeze is recovering, but it still feels like a lottery ticket. Swedish Match, by contrast, has provided stable delivery for many years and always has good cash flow that they use for dividends and buybacks. True value generator over time. Cellink is a good chance share. The value is high, but the prosthetic industry is really a hot future niche.

Medicine: Want to add something in healthcare to your portfolio, like Abbvie or Astra Z in the long term? Maybe a little bit into everything I can think of.
Marcus: I love both companies and they are very different business so why not both. The arrows complement each other well.

Niklas: Can you sort the Kinnevik distribution for Zalando? What if I do nothing? How do you see Kinnevik as an investment company after it distributed Zalando?
Marcus: If you do nothing, you will be sitting with Zalando shares on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Not too bad, but maybe not ideal either a little bit depending on whether or not your bank / broker offers trading there. Kinnevik after Zalando has a lot more focus on Tele2 and the smaller ecommerce companies, which I love.

Scroll Boy: Earn, Nibe sold for 296 SEK with close to 200% profit. It is hard not to regret now that the price is higher. Was it a mistake?
Marcus: Hey, the short term is clearly a mistake, but maybe not the long term. Nibe’s rating is well above the historical average, but growth has not accelerated. The stake is more expensive without the company getting better. One of the lessons to take with you is that if the long trend is up, we don’t have to sell everything right away, but a little bit every now and then because the path can always go up a little. It is another matter if we see a multi-month high forming then how does the trend start to form deeper lows. Then we can be in a hurry to sell.

Lars II: You answered me via email that when Ratos A rises precipitously before the report, it’s an irrational reaction. Now after today’s report, A is up and B. What is the explanation?
Marcus: It is illogical that share A costs 50 percent more than share B, which has the largest circulation. Stock B decreased at the time of writing today while A share is clearly higher. The only difference is the right to vote. This reminds us of the time when Hufvudstaden C was valued at several 100 percent without rationale and then the stock was written off.

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Rats: We got a follow-up question about Lars. How do you feel about Ratos after the report? Should he remain in the corner of shame despite an increase in ibita, or should one fear that organic growth will slow?
Marcus: Hey! Ratos is not something I recommend, avoid it in the long term, but I am more neutral or cautiously optimistic. Things are going better for them now, and it will likely continue in the next economic recovery. Then we’ll really see how stable it is in the next recession in a few years’ time or when it can happen.

Eva: Grateful for your point of view on Sinch after the accident. It has lost most of the good rally the stock has achieved so far. I bought some after the crash yesterday but today they are dropping more, do you sell or hold? Besides, I wonder what you think about Kambi, Irisity, Lime Technologies, Thule, XANO Industries, and Holmen?
Marcus: Hey! Expectations were higher than what the company offered, which sometimes happens. We have to take one to two quarters of the one-off items and the investments in future growth. Large entries may need to be cut in Sinch, and smaller entries may be added. I love Kambi and Lime as a share of chance. Thule is good as well, and so is Holmen on recoil.

Matthias: Hey Marcus, the cause of the downturn at Brookfield Renewable Corp. Do you need to take this position? My own stake is currently around 2 percent of the portfolio, and I intend to add up to 5 percent.
Marcus: Hey! After a cold winter with blackouts in Texas, there has been a revival of clean energy stocks. We might be seeing an overhead formation for a longer period of developing the boring track, but it’s probably mostly a break. Some stocks in environment and technology / IT have shown some weakness in recent months, but not all. Sectors and interests are still big, so start hogging bounces if you think so. BEPC was incredibly expensive compared to its counterpart BEP.un, but the difference is now much smaller and more justified in terms of the Canadian dollar.

John: Hey! Industrivärden, they’ve barely done anything in the last five years (except for the little extra purchases)? Low debt, high returns. Shouldn’t it be time to act soon? They get their capital badly spent (in a low interest rate environment). what do you think?
Marcus: Hey! They are working with their property across the respective board of directors, but with the portfolio, something has to happen in the future, one might think. The material’s opponent has gone too, which is odd. There is no stock I bet on at the moment.

skin: Is Evolution worth buying now in the long run, or has the train gone?
Marcus: The trend is clearly up, so buy a little immediately so that you don’t get completely ruled out. Bounce can come and then rise in this case, but as we’ve seen over several years, I think the company is growing in high ratings.

Pierre: for him! How to behave in relation to Fortum now that they have spent X-day? Are you going down or selling entirely because of the price that usually peaks at these levels?
Marcus: Hey! I don’t see any short term bullishness at all in Fortum, but wait a little while. The direct payout is good, the company is developing decent anyway. It is difficult to find stable holdings equal to 5 percent of direct returns. The question is whether the price is really dropping from 20-plus levels this time, as it has in the past 15 years.

run out: A large portion of the portfolio is in Evolution. By 150 percent. He has the rest in investment companies and invests in dividends. But what do you think about using Evo lenses? Stay seated? Do you believe in a continuous good journey?
Marcus: Stay with most things anyway. Or sell all twenty shares to reduce the risk a little. Think how much stake you want in growth stocks versus underlying stocks / dividend stocks such as investment firms.

Monica: Hey! What do you think of Avanza World Tech By Tin in five years?
Marcus: Hey! It might be really good, but it’s sure to be a severe recession at some point in the next five years.

Marcus: Hey Marcus! I thought the report from Swedish Match was great but at the same time he thinks the reception was really great. How do you see the company’s long-term opportunities a little more?
Marcus: Hey! I see very clearly the terms of the SWMA. The report gives inventory more fuel to go up.

Manu: What do you think about Hexatronic? It did before and was 350 percent in profit when I sold it a couple of years ago. Now it’s starting to climb again. Positioning a purchase?
Marcus: That may be in the long run, but after a 50 percent price jump since March, it may be time for a little rest in the stock.

red: Hey! Have you changed your view of owning a Sinch in the long run since the last report?
Marcus: Hey! No, but high falls are always nice when growth stocks miss forecasts. The rebound could continue to decline a bit more, it is likely to hit lows of 1250-1300 SEK as the price rose earlier this year.

Bolshonov: Hey! Could VNV Global be a good entrant in an investment portfolio made up of Bure-Investor-Kinnevik? He loves investment companies.
Marcus: Hey! Yes, it is a good addition to the other investment firms you have.

Bertie: Hey Marcus I am a beginner in stocks but am still buying Sinch and wondering if you should keep or sell it? Greetings, Bertie.
Marcus: Hey! As long as you can give the stock three to five years or more, I think you should keep it. In the short term, stocks can fluctuate a lot, even to the bottom. The company is developing well and I don’t see any threat to their order. The stock is dropping due to extremely high expectations.

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Sebastian: Good morning, Marcus! What do you think of Tele2 as Kinnevik’s cash cow and our little savers. I’ve written many times that you’ll want to buy it if it drops.
Marcus: Hey! Tele2 is Kinnevik’s good cash cow. Having the infrastructure in digital communication makes you feel good about the future.

bean: All of these small buy-in companies are reversing and totally pushing into the stock market, often with no substance, except that the buyer / buyers are often identified. You feel this has increased a lot, or how does it look historical?
Marcus: Currently, there is a boom among the loss-making factories in converting operations to real estate. I saw the equivalent in somewhat of the first decade of the twenty-first century in the aftermath of the communication breakdown.

Nina: Hey Marcus! I asked you last week to buy perks because most of the stocks are very expensive. She told me, among other things, about Telia stocks, which you thought were down. But when I looked at them, I realized very quickly that they hadn’t seen a spike in nearly 20 years (according to their graph). So my question now is: How can I as an investor (for two to three years) expect a reasonable return on my funds in such a short time? Is something out of the ordinary going to happen there?
Marcus: Hey! No, but I think Telia will offer more than one interest bearing alternatives and the stake has at least one low risk of being just one share. The transition from interest bearing to stocks like Telia is worth the greater risk. On the one hand, the overall return is expected to be lower than the stock market index in the coming years as well, but on the other hand, the risk is relatively lower than the stock market index, I also think.

Buford T Justice: Hey! About a year ago, I asked you about the Geo Group, and it’s a stock that I really was skeptical of. I got a very small chance, though, and the result on hand was a very bad idea. So this time you thought obeying your advice: Sell right away or wait to see what happens? Thanks in advance!
Marcus: Hey! I don’t know why the company is dropping in price and cutting profits. Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to verify this, but judging by the price trend, reduced earnings plus direct yield still expected to be high, this does not bode well. With the Democrats in power, private prisons could be under threat.