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Finally they showed some class

Finally they showed some class

Hockey is a lot about fighting spirit, hard work, and behavior. Regardless of the level, it is the cornerstone of success.
At this end, you have to start and then you can choose tools as the best attributes of the offensive game.
As important as I was after the initial matches, I am optimistic today.
Sweden has shown it has great potential, but the question is whether it really does
Too late?

It was already noticed during the start of the match that there was a completely different sympathy, will and attitude in this team after the poor start of the World Cup. Marcus Sorensen showed the way with an aggressive sacred check, the Kempe brothers scanned the rocks hard, Magnus Negrin used his superb shot. The series moved with Bar Lindholm, Oskar Lindberg, and Rickard Raquel over larger areas and created pressure as the Ramps cleverly and easily played outside of their own zone.
Tre Kronor closed roofs, was careful with his control game and worked centrally at home in back-checking and choked off all creativity and speed among the Swiss players.
The first period was all about trying to create some form of self-confidence through hard work and easy play. It created a sense of safety but also a sense of faith and from there it was possible for the builders to go ahead and start playing more creatively.

During the first two matches, the game was already hacked and only a few players made it to the level.
Today they worked together as a group throughout the course. You then automatically become tighter as a team, getting closer to each other on the ice and thus covering up each other’s potential mistakes. This means that as a player you can play more aggressively and thus it will not be noticeable if the player loses a little. This, in turn, creates a sense of security as the ramps dare to play with a little bit of instinct.
This was the only reason Sweden had halted the Swiss speed I feared before the match.
Before the tournament, Klas Dalbeck and Victor Love were expected to have safe and steady slopes of coverage and ramps. Their interaction was totally unsuccessful and unfortunately created insecurity in the entire team. So it was a successful move when at the start of the match they chose to move to Löv for Magnus Nygren, who was one of Sweden’s best players today.
Nygren’s playing skills combined with Dahlbeck’s strong play created greater safety throughout the defensive game.
As usual, Nils Lundkvist has been very good, Henrik Tomerence is growing more and more and showing evidence of the weight he enjoys on a daily basis in his club in Geneva.

Two of the top NHL players to expect are Adrian Kempe and Marcus Sörensen. Of course they were disappointed after the game in the first two games. Today he’s been driving and standing at the same time for really good matches, especially in terms of the job and how the sacrifices they made through the match.
Kimbe showed such amazing attitude, his speed and surprisingly aggressive gameplay that he was one of the best players in the match. Sometimes I get a solemn feeling while on the ice.
Sörensen also got healthier at his game and often wound up indoors though he will need a little more help from Isac Lundström and Victor Olofsson.

One of the players who made an instant difference in his World Cup debut was Skellefteå sniper Jesper Frödén. He came in with great force, and along with Andreas Wingerley and Max Freiberg got some speed and pressure in the press match, which made it difficult for the Swiss defenders in the play-off stage.
It is said that Frödén’s goals and aid to him had an echo on the other side of the Atlantic as well. It is no secret that Frödén will sign the NHL contract this summer and after that effort, his negotiating position will not get any worse.

Seven goals against Switzerland that were impressive at the start of the tournament is a message of strength. Tre Kronor should, however, beat the Czech Republic or Russia as well as the expected victories over Slovakia and Great Britain.
It’s going to be tough, and while I’m very impressed with today’s performance, it’s still a tough road to the qualifiers.
If you keep playing at that level then there is, as I mentioned before the tournament, the possibility of making the medal a basically reasonable goal.

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finally. Adam Redburn’s save early in the match was indirectly decisive in the match. It was extremely important to a team with such broken confidence. A devastating flaw could have been and still testify to just how small the margins are.
Reideborn really liked the two matches he played and it seemed that his years at KHL took him to another level.

A great effort from Tre Kronor has shown that they have the highest standard when also succumbing to the hard work. Photo: Simon Hastegård / BILDBYRÅN

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