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Eye contact takes over video calls while Nvidia upgrades broadcasting

Eye contact takes over video calls while Nvidia upgrades broadcasting

With the onset of the pandemic, video calls have become the new normal for meetings, something that still remains the case in many places. Online meeting services have been gradually upgraded with filters to improve sound and image, but the problem of eye contact between participants in a digital meeting still exists. Nvidia is now upgrading its streaming software with a solution for everyone with a Geforce RTX graphics card in their PC.

Broadcast already includes functions such as noise reduction audio, background blur, and a function to center the user in the camera. During CES, Nvidia showed off the new optical calling feature, which is available in beta as of the new version 1.4.0. Just as other streaming features indicate, it’s an AI-powered filter, which in this case moves the focus of your eyes from the screen to the webcam.

When SweClockers takes a quick look at the filter, it’s clear that the functionality can mean a real boost for those who spend a lot of time in meetings. The function is not completely perfect and the eyes can sometimes move abnormally quickly. Exactly in line with what Nvidia promises, the direction of the eyes looks away from the content on the screen and towards the camera, but without turning the broadcast user into someone staring at the participants in the meeting. AI-modified crow windows, for example, track blinks and if the user looks clearly away from the screen.

The updated Nvidia Broadcast is available for download through the company’s website And it can be used by anyone who has a Geforce RTX 2060 or more powerful graphics card model with Tensor cores under the skin.

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