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Eurovision Song Contest 2021 |  Tramsfrance

Eurovision Song Contest 2021 | Tramsfrance

Photo: Robin Lorentz Allard

After many ifs and buts The time for the Eurovision final is yesterday! Italy was at the top of the list of possibilities, and it finally took home victory after a vote that was so exciting and distracted that you couldn’t take a pee break all at once.

Musically speaking, this year’s final was the best in a long timeUnfortunately, the same cannot be said for the rest of the production. The intervals with previous Eurovision winners didn’t instantly look like it was live, and it generally felt like too many pre-recorded items. It wasn’t easy to enjoy watching the old pre-recorded clips as a presenter rode with old Eurovision winners, but I think everyone did their best! Last year’s winner Duncan Lawrence was at home wearing a wreath, and he couldn’t attend either.

As for Sweden, there was no more success with TosiWhich ranked 14th despite the continuous singing effort. The middle position was due to the fact that all other countries had taken the initiative and made a one-off effort, which could be a wake-up call for years to come. Sweden may have spoiled a bit with its top 10 rankings over the past decade, and it remains to be seen if it will last.

Carolla was the most memorable Swede tonight, Who was tasked with awarding Sweden points but wasn’t really prepared when the presenters called her and demanded a result. The classic Carolla movement!

Otherwise, much was the same. Britain got zero points from both the people and the jury, and Finnish rock went unpredictably well, Edward Blume was on Twitter grouchy On that wrong song she won. I really yearn for Eurovision 2022 as the same things will likely happen again!

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