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Esports has become a real sport

Esports has become a real sport

World tournaments followed by millions of viewers are now a common occurrence in esports, as various competitive games have millions and millions of active players. Despite the many sporting aspects of esports, the NES did not want to let the Swedish Esports Confederation get too hot, something the NES Board of Directors stood by ahead of the national sports meeting that took place between May 26-28. .

Somewhat surprisingly, the members voted against the board of directors regarding this matter, and by 108 votes to 71, the Swedish Electronic Sports Federation became a new member. in Interview with SVT The whole thing seems surreal, says the association’s president, Sami Kaidi, especially since it was not preceded by any major media gathering. Kaedi further describes that the decision is important, because many young people see esports as their main sport.

SVT also stated that the Swedish Electronic Sports Federation received support from several other federations during the national sports meeting, which motivated them to vote for membership. Among others, reference is made to the martial arts profile of Musse Hasselvall, who, like Kaidi, believes that Swedish sport risks losing many young people without this kind of recognition.

Thus, esports is classified as a sport, a condition that facilitated a few years ago, for example, the organization of the World Championship in Dota 2 in Stockholm in 2021. Kaidi describes that membership in the future means that, like other sports associations, they can receive support for training, But also gaining strength to be able to manage the climate online. In conclusion, Kaidi explains that the decision could have ripple effects, as other countries have expressed that they might grant similar membership if it happened in Sweden.

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