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Elon Musk visar upp nya bilder på Starships startraket

Elon Musk shows new images of Starships launch vehicle

On Tuesday, Elon Musk showed new images of the “Super Heavy Booster” launch rocket that will lift the Starship space rocket.

The launch vehicle is called “Super Heavy Booster” and has a height of more than 70 meters. The spaceship is 50 meters high, built entirely of stainless steel and similar to the model Musk demonstrated in 2019. With this, the launch rocket and spaceship together will reach a height of about 120 meters.

Elon Musk He posted several photos of the launch vehicle on Twitter. Among other things, he posted a photo of himself with his son.

Elon Musk with his son, Super Heavy Booster in the background. (Photo: Elon Musk, Twitter)
Super heavy booster. (Photo: Elon Musk, Twitter)
The top is super heavy duty booster. (Photo: Elon Musk, Twitter)

Approval is required prior to the flight

SpaceX has worked hard to prepare the Starship for its first space flight. The only thing left now is test drive and orbit access, which would require approval by the US Federal Aviation Administration.

In the long term, the Starship will be able to take humans to the Moon as well as Mars. The plan is to operate like any commercial airline, but with short, smooth flights into space.

So far, the rockets can only be partially reused, which Musk says isn’t good enough, and they’re now working on making them completely eco-friendly.

Competitors had time before

competitors Jeff Bezos And Richard Branson He has already made a trip to spaceand Bezos with her blue ancestry and Branson with Virgin Galactic.

Musk’s space saga was somewhat more complicated. In March earlier this year The spacecraft exploded After a test landing, however, the Tesla CEO was still happy and thankfully no one was hurt.

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Now it remains to be seen what happens to SpaceX’s ambitious space plans.

Read the full article on CNBC.

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