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Ella Ramelt – Haneen – Pop music

Ella Ramelt – Haneen – Pop music

After the success of the song naive together with Theo Rosen Now is the time to Ella Ramelt To release his drum and bass single with the title Nostalgia for the past. It's catchy and fun with all the beats and energy running through the song. Nostalgia for the past It's drum'n'bass in Swedish, which feels new and nostalgic at the same time. Because it was a sound often heard from the British Isles. But it's interesting that some Swedish Gen Z artists have taken the old sound and made something new and fresh out of it.

Ella tells the blog about the single:

Nostalgia for the past It's about the constant longing to go back to what was, even if it wasn't necessarily better at the time. There is tremendous safety in living in the past, and the future is so uncertain and scary. “I wanted to write a song about that, and get lost in the nostalgia.”

With the single, Ella takes a step towards her next EP, which will be released later this year, as it's time to seriously show who Ella Rammelt is. Because Ella has been releasing music in different forms since 2016. Among other things, Ella was at Warner Music, but after a year and five singles she chose to become independent again and follow her own musical path. This is what we always applaud.

If you want to follow Ella's musical journey and many other super talents we have in music in Sweden, I think you should save a shortcut to Popmuzik on your mobile home screen. Since the blog is updated daily with new posts, it's a perfect way to remember to click through regularly. Simply tap the share button on your mobile browser, select “Add to Home Screen,” and you're done. Thanks!

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