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Educational Supervisor for the year

Educational Supervisor for the year

At the beginning of June, a VFU meeting was arranged where supervisors, teachers and students were invited for half a day to develop competence and communication.

One of the highlights of the program was the appearance of the Teacher of the Year.

Students in all care professions are supervised during their VFU, activity-based learning, by supervisors across the four northern regions. This year, students were able to nominate a supervisor for the Supervisor of the Year award.

– It's great that the students are happy with me as a supervisor, says Johanna Forsberg, who works in home health care in Örnsköldsvik, very surprised.

We want everyone to enjoy themselves

Joanna says she enjoys supervising students and making sure everyone feels comfortable – which is rewarding and gives her personally a lot in return. She was recently a student when she trained as a district nurse, so she could put herself in the students' shoes.

– I like to receive feedback from students – verbally or in writing, whichever suits them best. They are there to learn and I want them to ask anything. I also think I'm good at getting them to be bold and try.

Joanna also believes that the students can become future colleagues.

-If they are treated well, they may want to come and work with us.

Great interest in the meeting

Members of the VårdSam committee – who come from Umeå University and the Västerbotten region – have arranged a VFU meeting on June 3-4 for supervisors from all healthcare professions, teachers and students. It was funded through government investment in VFU in nursing education within healthcare.

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There is a great need to develop supervisors and communication skills. The meeting was attended by 117 participants from Gulliver in the north to Östersund and Sundsvall in the west and south. All professions with VFU as well as teachers were represented in the programmes.

The meeting program included elements of educational guidance models, workshops and inspiration. The students participated and expressed their opinions on what distinguishes a good supervisor.


Johanna Forsberg has been voted by students at Umeå University as Teacher of the Year 2023-2024.

“Joanna works as a supervisor in home health care in the municipality of Örnsköldsvik. She engages and supports students, introduces students to the workplace, is a good person, radiates a positive attitude towards work and creates a feeling of security in the student being supervised. It contributes to a positive atmosphere where students dare to They speak frankly, they dare to think out loud and they dare to question even the smallest things.”