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EA Promises: No Microtransactions in Dead Space Remake

EA Promises: No Microtransactions in Dead Space Remake

And maybe even items that were not included in the original game.

On Thursday, we got joy news NS dead space You will get a remake, and it will be Star Wars squadronsThe EA Motive studio he stands for. Studio managers have now spoken a bit about the remake with IGN and provided some interesting details.

The thing that’s always scary when an EA is on the go is microtransactions – you might be chasing after all dead space 3 — but the impulse asserts that they have absolutely no plans to include such in a remake.

They also assure that it will not only be a neat copy of the original game, but that it will be completely rebuilt from the ground up in the Frostbite engine. To help them, they have not only the original game that ended up on store shelves, but also a lot of other materials and even old versions of the tracks.

In the first chapter you can see some of the passages they initially wanted to do a certain way, and then understand why they changed due to technical limitations or [andra anledningar].

The very important thing for Motive is to allow the player to live in the world and the nightmare of the main character Isaacs. The thing that made the original game so good in this regard was how information like ammo and health was integrated into the game, rather than a glued HUD screen. The team wants to maintain and extend that sense of empathy, and the goal is that the player doesn’t want to give up control.

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