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DRM protection leads to poor performance in Resident Evil Village

DRM protection leads to poor performance in Resident Evil Village

Capcom’s latest Resident Evil title has been pulled since its launch with an issue where the frame rate is hacked, also called stammer. The problem mainly occurs in the slightly more intense parts of the game, as in the various battles. Unfortunately, these are also often more important parts of the game, which can make the problem very frustrating. However, the issue is not found in the console versions of Resident Evil Village

Reports now digital foundry In her review of the game, the problems on the PC seem to be related to poor implementation of DRM protection. In the PC version, Capcom is using layer-by-layer with its own DRM protection and one from Denuvo. Testing the game with a pirated version where the DRM protection has been removed does not have the same problem in other battles or scenarios.

This isn’t the first time that DRM protection has been singled out as the culprit in the drama of performance issues in PC games. Denuvo’s specific use was criticized so much that the developers later chose to remove it. Many were pleased when Bethesda Accidentally launched Doom: Eternal without Denuvo.

However, it’s not specifically Denovo that seems to give Resident Evil the most obvious problems. Digital Foundry explains that Capcom’s DRM protection is built into Protection from Denuvo, making it a little less improved than usual. So one cannot be removed without removing the other, which makes it difficult to determine which one is causing the most problems.

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