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Do not expel Hong Kong fighters from Sweden

Do not expel Hong Kong fighters from Sweden

Cultural discussion. The disintegration of democracy went very fast – as many feared.

The Communist Party of China (CCP) quickly abolished all basic democratic and human rights in Hong Kong with police authority and the infamous Security Act (People’s Republic of China law protecting national security in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region).

Newspapers, demonstrations and independent critiques are protected with the help of the Security Act. The situation of the press in Hong Kong is dire. Recently, the last issue of the Independent magazine Apple Daily, its owner, Jimmy Loy, Among other things, endangering lives by giving interviews to foreign media.

The situation in Hong Kong has forced many pro-democracy activists, opinion leaders, politicians and journalists to leave Hong Kong.

I am worried about the future of Narayan.

Many of my friends and acquaintances there have taken refuge in Australia, Britain and Taiwan as the Beijing regime chases them for the struggle for true democracy with freedom of speech and press.

Some activists were abroad for study and work before the passage of the Defense Act last year. For some years, I have been collaborating with a dozen Hong Kong activists in Sweden. One of them Narayan Liu, The leader of the Swedish “Liberate Hong Kong” involved in opinion formation.

After eight years in Sweden, Narayan’s residence permit recently expired and the Swedish Migration Board did not want to extend it despite his circumstances. After much concern and complicated responses, Narayanan now had to submit a new application to the Swedish Migration Board, which will investigate his case. I am worried about the future of Narayan.

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Many in Sweden are now committed to giving sanctuary to Narayanan. Member of Parliament Anders Osterberg (S) The Swedish government wonders in a parliamentary question whether “any public effort should be made to ensure that pro-democracy activists are not expelled from Hong Kong.”

None other than the definitive answers of the Minister of Migration Morgan Johansson This is the democratic movement and the struggle for freedom of expression in Hong Kong.

Give Swedish asylum to Hong Kong enthusiasts.

By Kurto Buxi
Kurto Buxi is a journalist and writer.

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