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Dishonored and Eximius: Seize the Frontline for free on Epic

Dishonored and Eximius: Seize the Frontline for free on Epic

Be sure to play the amazing action game Arkane.

The Epic freebie parade where we got a new game every day over Christmas is over, and now we’re back to the old normal setup – one or two free games per week. And at least half of what’s on offer this week isn’t out of reach, because it is insulting And the Eximius: Take over the front line which is given away.

insulting is an action game from Arkane Studios from 2012, where we as acrobatic Corvo stealth and assassinate our way through the city of Dunwall. To aid him, he has a series of supernatural powers, including teleportation over short distances and the ability to capture hordes of rats. It’s kind of a modern classic, so check it out get it If you haven’t already played this gem. It’s also the definitive version, which includes all of the downloadable content.

The second game isn’t quite as high-profile, but it has an interesting concept that mixes real-time strategy with FPS. it’s called Eximius: Take over the front line It mainly revolves around multiplayer battles (but can also be played solo) in which four people on the same team play as normal soldiers, while the fifth and last one acts as a commander thus getting an RTS view of building the base and training the computer-controlled soldiers and the like. get it here.