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Dice continues to thrill the new game mode in Battlefield 2042

Dice continues to thrill the new game mode in Battlefield 2042

The classic maps should be back, but in a new kind of experience.

Yesterday EA Play Live didn’t introduce a lot of new features, but there was some talk about them Battlefield 2042, including a new game mode that will be officially revealed on July 22. We know we’re going to play the classics battlefieldThe maps are in it, but Dice doesn’t want to reveal more about the experience itself before revealing it.

Rumor has it that it will be called Battlefield Hub and that it will be redesigned with maps with classic vehicles and weapons, but it will be playable with Battlefield 2042Specialized system instead of previous game chapters. The game mode is developed by Ripple Effect Studios, which Previously Heat Los Angeles says.

Another new game mode is Danger Zone. Dice’s Oskar Gabrielson said it’s a team game mode that’s not a classic battle royale game, but something more modern. More information about the danger zone will be revealed this fall. Furthermore, they once again pointed out that Battlefield 2042 It is just a multiplayer experience and they intend to expand the game after release with the increasingly popular seasonal concept.

Gabrielson also spoke quite a bit about the fact that he believes that cloud computing will make a huge difference in future fps, among other things, taking care of things like AI, destruction, and procedural content, so that even a console or computer can put computing power over something else. Whether you become related to Battlefield 2042 We don’t know, but it’s probably cool with the hyper-realistic destruction that makes previous games fade in comparison.

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